About POVOAfrika

POVOAfrika Trust was registered as a non-profit, apolitical private voluntary organization to spearhead arts, culture and sustainable development obligations for social development in Zimbabwe. POVOAfrika Trust is also proactively involved in sustainability initiatives to address the ever-dynamic changes of the climate and environment through support from various technical development partners from Government, Civil Society and the Corporate sector.

Vision & Mission


To foster the arts, culture and sustainability for social development in Afrika.


To be the leading development platform of the arts, culture and sustainability in Zimbabwe. 

Recent Updates

Musicable Project ends on a high note

Musicable Project ends on a high note

The Musicable project by arts and culture organisation POVO Afrika Trust, which started in June 2023, recently came to a successful close, with multiple highlights and successful outcomes.  The project, supported by Music in Africa Foundation, in partnership with the...

Musicable Project Launch

Musicable Project Launch

POVOAfrika Trust has launched the Musicable project, an innovative empowerment programme that will help people with disabilities in the music industry to record their work and access markets. POVOAfrika Trust has launched the “Musicable” project, an innovative...

Re-imagining Mbuya Nehanda

Re-imagining Mbuya Nehanda

POVOAfrika Trust, presents its latest project Mbuya Nehanda Re-imagined, a collection of curated essays, academic articles, drawings, photographs, short stories, poetry, music, paintings, prints and other depictions of Mbuya Nehanda. Mbuya Nehanda reimagined is an...

Current Project

Nehanda Re-Imagined

The Nehanda Re-Imagined initiative is a project to revive and re-imagine depictions and the legacy of Mbuya Nehanda in their plurality and diversity, bringing her to a contemporary setting. There has been much discussion on social media in reaction to the current construction of a monument dedicated to Mbuya Nehanda in Harare, with particular controversy around the sculpture done by artist Mutasa. Zimbabweans from across the spectrum expressed views and sentiments which illustrated how differently the iconic historical figure is viewed, showing a possible need for diverse and collective artistic expressions that pay tribute to Mbuya Nehanda.  

We seek to create a collection of contemporary imagery and narratives of Mbuya Nehanda, through new interpretations of how she is visualised as a host, heroine, mother, grandmother, revolutionary, charismatic military heroine, feminist. The project is an interrogation of her legacy through several visual iterations and writings to create contemporary narratives of her legacy. It is a critical creative brainstorming approach to further explore and research the plurality of ways in which Nehanda can be represented in monumental sculpture, various forms of 2-dimensional forms and also other forms of public and accessible artforms. the idea of deep research into the various narratives of Nehanda, most importantly a plurality versus a monolithic representation of the idea of Nehanda. In this project, collaborations are highly encouraged, and engagements with the various narratives of Nehanda is strongly recommended. 

Our aim is to democratize research, design, representation and the artistic processes that lead to  public art in the context of Zimbabwe starting with the iconic story of Nehanda Nyakasikana.


  • To create a body of work pluralising and expanding the legacy of Mbuya Nehanda in a contemporary form packaged for contemporary audiences (local and global).
  • To be a compelling ode to Mbuya Nehanda that complements other works dedicated to her legacy in recent times.
  • To inspire Zimbabweans and future generations of Zimbabweans to continue to produce works that pay homage to our historical icons and leaders.
  • To create the largest collection of alternative interpretations of Mbuya Nehanda


Book (Printed and E Book)

A curated collection of essays, articles, discussions, short stories, poems, sketches, and Illustrations will be published in a book which will be available in print and ebook format. The Ebook version will be available for free online. The book will be published by end of 2021.

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