About POVOAfrika

POVOAfrika Trust is a Zimbabwean non-profit, private voluntary organization. We are catalysts for grassroots public engagement on national agenda issues in the arts, culture and sustainable development space. Our platforms ignite national conversations around the most topical issues of the day.

We believe that the real Zimbabwean story is best told by ordinary citizens; the core drivers of an alternative national narrative at home and the diaspora. In order to activate the full potential of Zimbabweans, our organization collaborates with individuals, government, private sector and civic society organizations to curate impactful narratives that empower other change agents to tell stories about changing lives and creating positive impact in their community.


Zimbabwe has a very vibrant arts scene through which we assist communities preserve and assert their identities; transmit heritage; and comment on their existence through lively social media engagements. POVOAfrika Trust also created Speak Sing, a contemporary compilation of music and poetry on CD to showcase artists with limited exposure to mainstream audiences. We always have our finger on the pulse watching out for promising talent to showcase the vibrancy of the Zimbabwean arts scene.


POVOAfrika Trust is at the forefront, profiling and celebrating our diverse cultural practices, from music, farming practices, burial of our dead and marriage ceremonies which all define us as Zimbabweans. We are enthusiastic curators of these unique cultural identifiers which are a reference point for future generations that reinforces our collective national identity.

Our Board

Our Board is made up of a group of passionate professionals with diverse talents but mutual interests. The Board provides strategic oversight and formulates plans for organizational growth through the following members:-

Baynham Goredema – Chairman
Archie Mathibela –
Vice Chairman
Rodrick Longwe – Treasurer
Rudo Chakanyuka – Secretary
Elton Mjanana – Member
Raymond Muwaniri – Member


POVOAfrika Trust has had the privilege to work with technical partners who have contributed materially to our projects or partnered us on a long term basis to roll out specific community driven intiatives.

Hivos    Unicef     UNDP     DRI     EMA      Trocaire      British Council  Ministry of Environment (Zimbabwe) 

Our Vision

To be the leading Pan Afrikan development platform of the arts, culture and sustainable development.

Our Mission

To foster the arts, culture and sustainable development for social development in Afrika.